The Fall | Its Not Just a Time of Year by John Liechty

Fall Speeds and Pendulum Swings for Fall Bass


Fall 2019

I will generally use a soft swimbait, or a curly-tailed worm fished on a jig head, darthead or on a dropshot. As the bait swings and falls the tail will slowly pulse. It is an excellent way to thoroughly cover many depths and is an exceptional way to pick off finicky suspended fish.


Some specific lures will come with a designated ROF; but most rigging methods just don’t have one.

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By using the graph, you can establish the sink rate on any presentation you desire. Simply drop the bait directly under the transducer and watch the reading on the screen to see how long it takes to get to a designated depth.

Let’s use 20’ for example.

Counting steadily as it falls, you will be able to determine the exact speed and adjust accordingly.

If it takes 10-seconds to get to 20’ directly under the boat, then after it splashes down on a long cast it will take approximately the same amount of time to reach that depth.

If the fish are positioned in deeper or shallower water just count longer or less. As the weights vary, the ROF will too. A quick drop under the graph with each presentation will give you a good understanding of where your bait is in the water column.

These are just a few baits that can be used; but many others can be effectively fished when using this technique.

The fall is a good time of year to target vertical structure, cover and suspended bass. Catching them on the fall is a great way to do it. •

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