3 Signals to Upsize Your Topwater

Go Big for Fall Topwater with Roumbanis and Clausen by Tyler Brinks

Fall 2019


“It has a great ‘walk the dog’ action; but you can get it to cause a big commotion on the surface,” he said. “The harder you twitch the rod, the harder it will spray water. The added spray imitates a school of baitfish on the surface, and that is key late in the year.”


One of the best ways to pique the interest of bass is with sound. Rattles or a commotion on the surface has a great drawing power, and Luke Clausen likes the aptly named Duel Noi-Z.

This is a lure that has rattles, a jointed body, and propeller at the rear, making it very loud. It comes in two sizes, the standard, and the Jr., and both fit the bill as big baits.

“Wake baits do a great job of attracting fish from a long way,” said Clausen. “You can be fishing deeper water and still get them to come to the surface. I still throw all sizes of topwaters in the fall, but bigger baits get bigger bites.”

The key this time of year often comes down to giving the fish a more significant offering and tempting them to the top. The bites may be fewer, but the large profile baits are a great way to catch big fall bass. •

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