Jeremy Lawyer dishes on the nuances of spinnerbaits

Wires, Blades and Skirts, Oh My By Sean Ostruszka

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By Sean Ostruszka

A prime example was his FLW Tour victory at Grand Lake earlier this year. Having a shot to win going into the final day, Lawyer admits he was so amped up he was reeling a little faster than he should.

Fortunately, he was smart enough to increase the head size on his spinnerbaits to compensate, allowing his spinnerbaits to still get down in the strike zone with him being excited. Then, as he calmed down, he was able to downsize the head; because, he was reeling slow enough to keep it in the right depth.


If you noticed, we haven’t talked skirts or even colors. Honestly, Lawyer doesn’t get too wrapped up in those. For him, a spinnerbait is all about the vibration and speed.

“For me, I always try to use a spinnerbait with the least amount of vibration to get by with,” Lawyer said. “If you go too strong, you can overpower the bass. They’ll feel it, come over and will hit the blades instead of actually hitting the body.”

If you haven’t noticed by now, spinnerbaits really come down to finding the right wire-blade-head-weight combination to fit the conditions.

Need to burn it for a shallow reaction bite?

A stiff wire, cheap blade and heavy head get the call.

Thinking of slow rolling it in dirty water?

Try a light wire and quality blade.

And, never stop experimenting.

“There are times where I may think I have the perfect combination of wire, blades and head weight,” Lawyer said. “Then I’ll go an hour without a bite, try something else that will start working, and I’ll realize I don’t know as much as I think I do somedays.” •

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