Catch Frog Fish Through the Fall

Bass Fishing in Fall with Frogs

Fall 2018


late season


with Bill Lowen

A Look Back at a Ribbit Rabbit Hybrid




s that late summer passes and fall approaches,

opportunities for topwater catches are quickly

waning. Many anglers are taking advantage of their last trips out

for this year’s frog fishing experiences. Bassmaster Series

pro Bill Lowen is no different, as we caught a glimpse of him

with frog in hand; so, we checked to talk late season froggin.

As the frog talk kicked off, the convo quickly launched

into a look back to a unique mashup that hopped on to the

scene, more than a decade ago. Maybe one of the best kept

frog secrets there is.

What is it you ask? Well, to answer, we respond with a

question of our own…

What do you get when you cross a frog and a rabbit? The

answer… furry frogs.

At this point you may remember a dozen years ago to the 2006 ICAST show and the winner of the New Product Showcase – Best Soft Lure … OR, you may not.

After all, it was back from a time, long, long ago, when the ICAST event wasn’t broadcast from a vast number of devices and cell phones across all social media platforms. It was a time when the “regular Joe angler” didn’t really get that insider’s look at the lures, gear and accessories that were coming down the pike. Not, the way we do now.

In 2006, that award went to a soft, hollow-bodied frog with two very distinct, innovative features.

First, the traditional, synthetic rubber legs typically found on a topwater frog had been replaced with rear appendages created from real rabbit fur and secondly, in addition to its lucky rabbit feet, the amphibian imitation sported a Colorado