Westernbass Magazine - FREE Bass Fishing Tips And Techniques - Fall 2016, Page 58

Westernbass Magazine - FREE Bass Fishing Tips And Techniques - Fall 2016, Page 58


Jason Borofka gettin’ press

WB: Do you see any

downside to the new final day format with pros and cos separate?

DOBYNS: We have thought and talked a lot about that. As we hashed it out, what kept coming up was that after the cos fished two days with the pros, they could end up back on the pro’s water, fighting them for spots.

We decided that before we ever get to an event, months in advance, there will be an area designated for the cos on the final day. Their final day’s competition will take place only in that area.

All of the cos will have to fish the same area; so they will all be on a fair playing field.

Everyone will know where it is in advance; so the cos can practice there, if they choose.

It is not going to be a small area. It will be a large area. For example, if it is Shasta, it may be the whole McCloud arm. The areas have not been decided yet; but they will be announced prior to any pre fish days.

This format allows the co-angler to take what they’ve learned over the past two days by watching what their pros have done, catching their own fish and putting it together with any of their own knowledge and/or practice time. It will give them the opportunity to make their own game plan and the catch winning stringer on their own.

I think it will be a really good deal and an opportunity to grow as angler, on a level playing field with other co-anglers.

WB: How will the final day work for boats being appointed to co-anglers, if they don’t have one?

DOBYNS: If a co doesn’t have their own boat, one will be provided for them. They won’t drive the big

motor. They will have a driver that takes them where they want; but the co will be in charge of running the trolling motor and fishing for their own fish.

WB: If the pros and cos aren’t fishing together, will there be marshals with them?

DOBYNS: Yes, there will be writers, marshals, observers and/or cameramen; but those people will not be fishing.

WB: Will the third day of fishing change any of the practice or off-limits days?

DOBYNS: Yes, there will be nine days of off- limits (instead of 10), because we have to push back one day to allow for full the official practice days before the tournament.

WB: It looks like there is only one Pro/Am circuit for 2017, instead of two.

DOBYNS: Yes, the he schedule has changed. We’re combining the California and Arizona Pro/ Am events. There will be one Pro/Am circuit, not two. There will be five Pro/Am events in total. There will be three Pro/Am events on NorCal fisheries and two in Arizona. The points will be counted for the best three events for AOY and for qualifying for the championship.

WB: Aside from Big Fish payouts, are there any other changes for the teams events?

DOBYNS: Next year, we will be televising the team championships. The team championships will also be three-day events, with a cut to the top-10 on the final day.

WB: Anything else that the Wild West Bassers can expect to be different for 2017?

DOBYNS: There may be some other minor rule changes that come up. Those will be listed within the rules prior to the start of the season; but this is the meat and potatoes of the new opportunities that we will bring to the anglers.

For more information on the Wild West Bass Trail, visit their website and watch for upcoming announcements at WesternBass.com