Westernbass Magazine - FREE Bass Fishing Tips And Techniques - Fall 2014, Page 50

Westernbass Magazine - FREE Bass Fishing Tips And Techniques - Fall 2014, Page 50

Examples of some of the customized components that go into rigging a tournament bass boat.

The Navionics Platinum Chart allow Lain to adjust his Lowrance units maps to the current water level as many of our Western lakes are very low due to drought conditions. The charts also show mapping software that is superior to what comes as standard on the units. He often switches back and forth between the internal mapping software and the Navionics charts. The Navionics charts also allow Lain to update his charts on a monthly basis via the company’s website. Lain mounts the GPS puck that is wired into his HDS units directly in front of his Lowrance unit that is on the deck. This allows for waypoints to mark locations that are closest to where Lain is likely to be fishing, which is on the front deck on the trolling motor. Much of the custom rigging is about fit, feel and locking down things like trolling motors and batteries so that his accessories remain firmly intact during rough water drives. The Philips Fishing Products battery holders are far more heavy duty than the standard battery holders that are in most boats. Additionally, Lain’s trolling motor is locked down securely using the Motorguide strap and the Bounce Buster. His trolling motor also boast a Troll Perfect which is a bracket system that keeps the lower half of the


For the past two years BASS Elite Series Pro Ish Monroe has produced boat rigging videos that showcase the depth that Northern California’s C and C Marine goes to rig his boats. “I make my living on the water and I need to make sure that my boat fits my individual needs.” Says Monroe,” I did the boat rigging video because I wanted everyone to see what goes into rigging a tournament bass boat.” Monroe’s videos have caught a lot of attention over the last couple years and more customers have entered dealerships requesting the items that he outlined in his YouTube video.