Westernbass Magazine - FREE Bass Fishing Tips And Techniques - Fall 2014, Page 24

Westernbass Magazine - FREE Bass Fishing Tips And Techniques - Fall 2014, Page 24

their guides, their action, their sensitivity. The reels cast farther than they ever have, the hooks are better than they ever have been. Everything about fishing has been improving, including the line; however just because the products have evolved doesn’t mean that we as anglers are willing to and line seems to be the last thing for a lot of anglers to come up to speed with.


There are a lot of different types of line and some can be crazy expensive. The cost can be high and the choices overwhelming. You don’t have to have them all. You can get by with a basic few types of line.

If you’re really on a fishing budget, you can’t go wrong with Big Game mono for just about every technique, except for punchin’. It is a must have for topwater (unless you have braid). If you have to throw mono with a crankbait or jerkbait, I would suggest going to one size lighter line to help the lure get a bit deeper.

Fluorocarbon has its place in fishing. It really is the best for certain techniques. There is an

advantage with fluoro for flippin’, Alabama rigs,

swimbaits, jigs, jerkbaits,

spinnerbaits and crankbaits. If you want to make the jump into fluoro, but your budget doesn’t allow you to fish it for all of these techniques. I would

without a doubt recommend

for your jig rod and your


Braided line offers a big

cost savings, because you

can change it out once a year,

instead of every fishing trip.

It is a must have for punchin’

and for my KVD frog and a

good option for topwater



You don’t know what you don’t know, until you figure out, that you just didn’t know. What do I mean by that? For example, if you start talking to a guy that thinks they know how to punch, but they’re losing a lot of fish and you start breakin’ it down, you can figure out where they need help, whether or not they knew they needed help to begin with.

You can talk ‘em through it... are you using this type of hook, this type of line, are you tying this knot... they may answer I’m not tying a snell or I am using an EWG hook. Well, then you know why they are losing fish.

Some folks may be embarrassed to say they don’t know how to tie a snell or join braid to fluoro, so they just will try to continue doing what they were

doing; but you don’t have to do

that. We are entering into sports

show season. It is a great time to

talk line, test things out and learn

knots. Don’t be shy. Come up and

ask. You never know what you

might learn.

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