Big Senkos, Big Bass by Jody Only

Big Senkos, Big Bass by Jody Only

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explaining the best time to fish the 9X Senko, Weyer stated, “it is the perfect bait starting in late Feb. until May, or maybe even through June for the late summer spawn; it is an easy way to get a pre spawn sack of 25- to 30-lbs. The 9l can bring big results all year-round.” The conditions of the area are the main factor when Weyer chooses a color for his Senko. “There are a few colors that i always keep tied on,” explained


ig fish like big, loud, obnoxious baits and 9X Senko looks like a big crawdad-a big meal,” explained B.a.S.S. and FlW cham- pion Charlie Weyer. “Big bass are picky that is how come they are big and they want a big meal; it is how they fatten up for the spawn. When i’m targeting pre spawn bass, a 9X or 9l Senko is always tied on one of my rods.” While the standard Senko extends 5-inches, the Yamamoto 9X is the largest of the Senkos, stretching 7-inches and the 9l falls in between the two at 6-inches.

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Weyer. “Black/blue flake is what i use in dirtier or stained water, green pumpkin with green/purple flake i pick if i can see them and there is bluegill around. i like green pumpkin with purple/copper flake if i think they’re eatin’ crawdads like when i see them in their throat or they’re puking them up in the livewells or i can see their tongue is torn up when i catch ‘em. These are all signs they’re eating crawdads and things to be aware of when making a color choice Watermelon red is also a good all around color.”

BIG senkos,

He continued his discussion on the 9X Senko discussing the fishing areas that should provide the best return. “i’m targeting any pre spawn staging areas,” reported Weyer. “areas that are adjacent to spawning flats. Go to the secondary drop-offs first, then move in to the primary staging areas. if you’re fishing the delta, the primary spot could be the first and only break line there is. Whether you find them in the primary or secondary staging areas is going to depend on where the fish are in their migration period and keep in mind, because of the tide they will move