Choosing Line With Danny Brauer by Tyler Brinks

Choosing Line With Danny Brauer by Tyler Brinks

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by tyler brinks



t has long been said that the most important thing between an angler and the fish is the line that connects the two. line choice has greatly changed over the years as modern technol- ogy, new techniques and innovation in fishing gear continue to develop. The common use and thinking for line has also advanced along with the sport of bass fishing. There is someone who has seen all of the changes and been at the forefront of the bass fishing world, with a professional career spanning over thirty years - someone who needs no introduction; denny Brauer. He is a household name in the sport and has achieved legendary status for his


Brauers & Kanzen - Photo credit Seaguar

accomplishments on the water. denny shared his wisdom and advice for this article on how he selects line size, line type as well as how his line choices have changed over the years. The last thirty years have been filled with major advancements in fishing line. With the advancement in braided line technology, the addition of quality fluorocarbon and even with