2019 Shimano Catalog, Page 215

2019 Shimano Catalog, Page 215


G.Loomis Single-Hand Grip Shapes

Cigar Grip Ideal for stalking the most technical trout, our cigar handle excels at delicate presentations where accuracy defines the zeros from the heroes.

Half-Wells Grip Our ultra-comfortable half-wells grip provides accuracy for “far & fine” dry fly presentations without sacrificing power when it’s time to re-rig for going deep. A versatile handle shape perfectly suited for versatile rods like NRX and Asquith.

Micro Full-Wells Grip Casting and fishing chub/rub combos, chunky indicator rigs, and wind resistant streamers requires a handle shape that efficiently transfers energy into line speed. Our Micro Full-Wells grip has the ideal shape and diameter for delivering the goods when power is at a premium.

Full-Wells Grip Careful consideration went into the design of our full-wells grip. The recessed rear pocket lets your hand slide easily towards the reel when shooting for distance while the slightly larger front pocket provides the perfect “power button” when it’s time to punch into the wind.

Cigar Grip

Half-Wells Grip Micro Full-Wells Grip

Full-Wells Grip

SHIMANO 2019 215