2019 Shimano Catalog, Page 152

2019 Shimano Catalog, Page 152



Reading through this catalog, you may notice a few terms repeated in reference to our graphite materials and performance ratings:

Modulus: The rating used to describe the stiffness-to-weight ratio of a fiber. Higher modulus materials are inherently lighter and provide improved sensitivity. Tensile Strength: The maximum load that can be applied before the fibers fail. The higher the tensile strength of the fiber the stronger it is. Resin: Viscous material that infiltrates gaps in the laminate and encapsulates each fiber. Essentially, it’s the glue that bonds the blank together. The more advanced the resin system, the lighter and stronger the rod becomes.

Below, you’ll find descriptions of our proprietary technologies and corresponding performance benefits.

Spiral X

Shimano’s proprietary Spiral X technology utilizes triple layer construction consisting of an oblique fiber core layer, a longitudinal middle layer, and a reverse-oblique fiber outer layer. This unique construction increases rigidity without increasing weight, providing virtually instantaneous power transmission when casting or fighting a fish.

• 15% to 20% less material than traditional rod construction • Increased torsional stability offers 20% less twist than traditional rod construction • Reduced blank ovalization


The essence of perfection. Using Mega-modulus material with incredible tensile strength, and our most advanced proprietary GL7 Resin System, rods built on the NRX matrix are the lightest, most sensitive traditionally constructed graphite rods ever produced by G. Loomis. Anglers can easily feel the difference between their lure dragging across sand, gravel and rock in water depths exceeding 60-feet. The graphite, resins, and components used to construct these rods come to life enabling the angler to be confident that they have the right tool for the job while exceeding all expectations.

• Mega-modulus graphite construction • GL7 Resin System utilizes 30% less material than traditional resins • Multi-Taper Design reinforces potential stress points within the blank while reducing unnecessary graphite material

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