Gamakatsu 2020 Catalog, Page 2

Gamakatsu 2020 Catalog, Page 2

2020 New Products

G Finesse Stinger Tournament pro and Gamakatsu pro staff, Brent Ehrler, developed and fine-tuned the new G Finesse Stinger for use with the popular Neko and Wacky rig techniques. The G Finesse Stinger follows in the footsteps of similar, game-changing G Finesse hooks engineered by Gamakatsu. It features Tournament Grade Wire (TGW) which is thinner and stronger than anything else on the market, and an application of Nano Smooth Coat to decrease penetration resistance. This hook can be perfectly positioned exactly where you want it, and even moved, without damaging the bait. When the bite is tough, G Finesse opens new ways to stick it to’em. Available in size 6 through 1/0oz. Page 16.

G Finesse Weedless Stinger We heard from pro staff, Brent Ehrler, and many others, that anglers were spending far too much time tying custom weed guards with wire or heavy monofilament on their Neko rigs…because they couldn’t find the right finesse hook with the right weed guard already attached. Problem solved! The G Finesse Stinger Weedless is just what the tournament trail needed. Titanium wire weed guard, Nano Smooth Coat and Tournament Grade Wire. Available in size 6 through 1/0 oz. Page 16.

B10 Stinger, TGW, Nano Smooth Coat Our newest fly hook from our Executive series. Built using our thinner and stronger Tournament Grade Wire (TGW) and applied with our Nano Smooth Coat for less penetration resistance. Available in sizes 6, 4, 2, 1, 1/0 oz. Page 74.

Nautilus Circle Heavy Duty To go ringed or not to go ringed… that is the question! And we’ve got the answer, whichever you prefer. The standard Nautilus HD hook features a ringless eye and 30% heavier wire than the regular Nautilus. (Roughly 50% less heavy than the Super Nautilus.) Whether you simply prefer the stealthiness of having less metal in the water or just have great confidence in the loop knots you’ve tied for years, the standard Nautilus HD hook will do the trick. You can feel the superiority by just holding it in your hand. Be careful when checking the sharpness; it doesn’t differentiate between fish or fingers. Available in 2/0 to 6/0 oz. with an NS black finish. Page 53.

Nautilus Circle Heavy Duty with Solid Ring The new solid, one-piece ringed version of the Nautilus HD hook allows live bait to swim more freely, keeping it alive longer and enticing more prey to engulf its goodness. At that point, the finest high carbon steel penetrates deep and locks in tight for the battle ahead. The Ringed Nautilus HD features 30% heavier wire than the regular Nautilus and 50% less than the Super Nautilus. While its core credibility has been proven in the southern California Bluefin Tuna fisheries, there is absolute evidence of its prowess in many other heavyweight bouts with monster gamefish worldwide. Therefore, you owe it to yourself to try the Nautilus HD Ringed for all live bait techniques and bottomfish applications. Big blues and channel cats? Absolutely! Sturgeon? Oh yeah. Halibut? It’s a no-brainer. Tie one on without a single regret. Available in 2/0 to 3/0 in 5-packs, and 4/0 to 6/0 in 4-packs. Page 53.

Treble Stinger Rig, Fluorocarbon Leader Bass and walleye will certainly grab hold of this stealthier version of our trailing stinger rig. We’ve pre-tied two inches of premium, 16-pound test fluorocarbon line instead of the coated steel wire. It works well with a wide variety of baits; however, it is most suited for trolling baits or any scenarios where fish are coming from behind and just striking the tail of the bait. Many anglers consider it mandatory for cold weather angling when fish are sluggish. Available in sizes 12 through 8. Three per pack. oz. Page 62.

TW Hook The TW stands for“Trout Worm”and is the perfect hook for those soft plastic finesse worms that require a delicate presentation. It has the right gap to accommodate the worm and hold the fish. Available in Bronze in new sizes 6 and 8 oz. Page 34.