Johnson 2019 Product Catalog#, Page 8

Johnson 2019 Product Catalog#, Page 8


Shorter head and longer tentacles designed to increase action by 20%

Super thin tentacles offer lifelike swim action and appearance in the water

Hollow bodies ideal for injecting Johnson ™ Crappie Buster ® Shad Scales for added attraction!

SIZE: 1 3/4 IN /4 CM, 12 CT

Crappie Buster ® Tubes resemble small minnows and are ideal soft plastics for all crappie fishing techniques; slow trolling (spider rigging), single pole jigging and even long line trolling!

Black/Chartreuse Glow BCHG

Chartreuse Glow CHGL

Black/Blue Sparkle BLBS

Grape/Chartreuse GRCH

Blue Sparkle/Chartreuse BSCH

Blue/Pearl Glow BPG

Green/Chartreuse Sparkle GRNCS

Lime/Chartreuse Glow LMCH

Orange/Chartreuse Glow OCHG

Orange/Chartreuse Sparkle ORCS

Pink/Pearl PNKPL

Pink Sparkle PNKSL

Red/Chartreuse Glow RCHG


Red/Chartreuse Sparkle RCHS

Red/Pearl RDPL

White/Chartreuse WHCH