Johnson 2019 Product Catalog#, Page 15

Johnson 2019 Product Catalog#, Page 15


Equipped with sharp, strong black nickel jig hooks

2 1/8” Paddletails designed to swim at all speeds from super slow to fast troll

Color: Pink-White PKW

All baits pre-rigged

SIZES: 1/8 OZ, 1/4 OZ, 5 CT

Swimming Paddletails are all pre-rigged and combine round head jigheads with 2” bodies ready to catch any predatory fish with their lifelike, irresistible swim action.

Black Gold BGD

Black Shad BS

Blue Pearl BPRL

Blue Pearl Pepper BPP

Chartreuse CH

Pumpkinseed PS

Chartreuse-Green CHG

Purple Pearl PPR

Chartreuse-Orange CO

Pearl White PW

Color: Pink-White PKW

Watermelon Pearl WMPR