Johnson 2019 Product Catalog#, Page 12

Johnson 2019 Product Catalog#, Page 12


Gold plated hooks preferred by crappie anglers

Marabou feathers attract fish with lifelike action

SIZES: 1/32oz - 2” - 10CT, 1/16oz - 2” - 10CT, 1/8oz - 2 1/2” - 8CT

The Beetle Bou ® are perfect panfish and trout baits that can be cast and retrieved, jigged, or fished under a bobber. Bou’s are offered in top sizes and colors fitting all your angling needs.

Chartreuse CH

Chartreuse/Chartreuse/White Pink/Chartreuse/Yellow CCW PCY

Pink/White/White PWW

Red/Black/Chartreuse RBC

Red/Chartreuse/White RCW

White WH

White/Pink/Pink WPP

Yellow YE

Yellow/Black/Yellow YBY

4CT Chartreuse/Chrome Tinsel/Chartreuse CCTC


4CT Orange/Chrome Tinsel/White OCTW

4CT White/Chrome Tinsel/Pink WCTP

4CT White/Chrome Tinsel/White WCTW