Johnson 2019 Product Catalog#, Page 10

Johnson 2019 Product Catalog#, Page 10


Shad shape emulates top prey for crappie

Red hooks are key visual attractors for Crappie

Higher pitched rattles attract Crappie from far away

SIZES: 2 1/8 IN /5.4 CM - 1/4oz /7 G Dive Depth: 4’- 8’

Crappie Buster ® Shad Cranks are designed to be fished in all conditions whether pushed slowly up front or pulled faster behind the boat, Crappie Buster Shad Cranks have enticing swim action at any speed.

Black Gold Sunset BGS

Goldfish GF

Racy Shad RCS


Chartreuse Pearl CPR

Midnight Pink MDPK

Threadfin Shad TFS

Classic Shad CSHD

Pink Shad PSD