2108 Johnson Catalog, Page 24

2108 Johnson Catalog, Page 24


Metal weed guard highly efficient at keeping your minnow weed free and catching fish

Brass blade designed for long casts


1/16oz / 2g 1/8oz / 3.5g 1/4oz / 7g 1/2oz / 14g 3/4oz / 21g 1 1/8oz / 31.5g


1 1/8” / 3cm 1 3/4” / 4.4cm 2” / 5cm 2 1/2” / 6.4cm 2 3/4” / 5.7cm 3 3/4” / 9.5cm

Plated with pure silver or 24k gold for a brighter flash than chrome or brass spoons

Patented in 1923, the Johnson™ Silver Minnow™ is the “Original Weedless Wonder.” Comes out clean and weed free every time! Thirty-five degree wobble rocks back and forth but won’t roll and twist line.

Black BLK

Chartreuse Flash CHF

Chrome Trout CHTR

Copper CPPR

Firetiger FT

Firetiger Flash FTF

Five of Diamonds FOD

Gold Gold-Gold Red GLD GGRD

Goldilocks GLKS

New Penny NP

Nickel Nickel Blue NNB


Rainbow RBO

Red Flash RF

Red Shad Gold RSGD

Red & White RW

Silver SLVR