Thursday Aquarium Tank Seminar Schedule | 2018 ISE Sacramento

Thursday Aquarium Tank Seminar Schedule | 2018 ISE Sacramento

“The Informative Fisherman” on YouTube, where he has a strong following. If you’ve seen his work, you can expect Nick to, as he says, “hook” you up. Stay tuned!

RANDY PRINGLE , “The Fishing Instructor”, won WEST COAST BASS Pro-Am, ANGLER’S CHOICE, and NEWBASS Team Spectacular. An accomplished instructor, Randy also runs Best Bass Tournaments.

JD RICHEY has been a full time guide for 20 years. He specializes in light tackle Delta striper fishing, plus Sacramento Valley and Klamath River king salmon and steelhead. He’s also a columnist for several national fishing magazines. His seminar will be a master class in catching winter steelhead.

JAMES BASS SMITH , owner of California Dawn Sportfishing and from a large family of life-long

captains, will detail fishing the bays for stripers, sturgeon, shark, halibut, rock cod, ling cod, crab and salmon.

BOB SPARRE , a long-time local guide but new to the theater, will cover Delta Light-Tackle Stripers.

JAMES STONE owns Elite Sportsmen Guide Service. Captain Stone fishes for Stripers, Sturgeon and Salmon on the Feather and Sacramento River from his jet boat.


Thursday Theater Schedules






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Hosted by Kent Brown, Ultimate Bass Radio

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Hosted by Fly Fishing


3:30 2:30 1:30 12:30 11:30

First Presentation Thursday at 2:30pm

First Presentation Thursday at 1:30pm

New Baits for Bass: NOON Delta Sturgeon: First Presentation

Jason Borofka

Jay Lopes

Thursday at NOON

First Presentation Thursday at 12:30pm

What to Do When Fishing Is Tough:

Mark Lassagne

1PM Winter Steelheading

Techniques: Capt. J.D. Richey

fNrOomONaTK P aa e ryg n ae n kt y :in R g ic B h a a s rd s Fly Fish M i a n t g t t H h e e ro T n ruckee: CSiansgtilneg-H: J a e n f d f e P d u t S n p a e m y

Training Y our Versatile Bass with the Fishing 2PM Delta Light-Tackle

Hunting Pup :



Jess Spradly

Randy Pringle

Bob Sparre

PErleims D ei e nn n ata n tit y nio R gn i S c Mt k i a lisl r w d ta s akteesr: TaNielivnegrLAogoapin: C T h h r r i o s w Ki a ng

Calif C o a r s n e ia y P St ig af H fo u r n d ting: WIdheyatlh P fe e o t Pr e oH M iun o nt r it r ni i ng ll gLCabA:Is

Fish with Ish: Ish Monroe

3PM Klamath and Trinity R iver Salmon

and Steelhead:

Steve Huber

2PM Tournament K ayak: Fishing

Wes Jones

Fly Fishing California's Intermediate C asting, Trout Highway--395: S hooting- Heads &

Greg Vinci

Lines: Phil White

DIY Hunting Idaho : Idaho Fish & Game

How to Better Communicate with Your

Dog: Phil Mueller

NorCal Bass Tips:

Ken Mah

4PM Lake Tahoe's Angling Bounty:

Joby Cefalu

Winter Steelhead on California's North

Coast: Chris King

Fly Casting 101--Faults

& Fixes: Matt Heron

Duck Patterns & Migration: James Stone

Stripers in the Delta:

Alan Fong

5PM Ultralight L ive Bait D rifting & Spooning for

Delta Striped B ass:

Capt. Mike Gravert

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Show Open Thursday

All-Year Scent Control:

Until 8pm

Parrey Cremeans

Tips from the Tournament Trail:

Bryant Smith

6PM Trolling for Land- locked King Salmon &

Trout: James Stone

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6:30 5:30

Hunting Trophy Blacktail: Scott Haugen

RB Bass Tips: Ron Howe

Show Open Thursday Until 8PM

T AhlemHaenxorH:a L t a c n h c a e t G L r a a k y e Show Open Until 8pm