2017 Fell Marine Catalog %, Page 8

2017 Fell Marine Catalog %, Page 8


One-click connect

It´s obvious, competing with the traditional corded lanyard pushes our product design to new boundaries. The wireless cut-off switch needed to be easier in use, than just simply a cord. And we did it - just wear the xFOB™ as you want, and click once when entering your boat for the next boating trip to connect. That’s it!

Unique ID

The WiMEA® Protocol is highly advanced wireless technology. Through Unique ID technology your xFOB is only allowed to talk to the xHUB™ installed in your boat. The first time you use the system just pair the two units by push & hold on both for 3 seconds, and then you are all set.


Click once and you are connected. Up to 300 hours

battery life


Up to 50 feet range.

4D antenna diversity

ensures a robust connection. Enjoy higher seas and stronger winds


If you fall over board the engine will stop

as you hit the water

Click once E t A o S d Y isconnect