2017 Fell Marine Catalog %, Page 3

2017 Fell Marine Catalog %, Page 3

MOB+™ Wireless Cut-Off Switch offers the freedom you need to have a great experience while you are boating. Just relax and do what you need to get your game on board, while MOB+ Wireless Cut-Off Switch cares for your safety should a MOB (Man-Over-Board) event occur. Be safe to be free!


Boating is about freedom and doing exactly what you want to do. Boating is action, it´s movement, it´s leisure. Being tied down to your dashboard is the exact opposite of all those things; you have limited capabilities to engage in the boating experience, while remaining safe. MOB+ Wireless Cut-Off Switch enhances your ability to move about the boat, whilst still being safe if you were to fall overboard.


Get your game on, bring out your rod and enjoy those fantastic fishing moments. MOB+ Wireless Cut-Off Switch is your personal companion looking out for you every second of your boating trip. Don’t think –just reel in!