2017 Fell Marine Catalog %, Page 10

2017 Fell Marine Catalog %, Page 10

Industrial grade

The WiMEA® Protocol is developed using our proprietary industrial-grade wireless technology to provide a wireless link that is as safe as a corded cut-off switch connection. This allows the WiMEA® Protocol to be used in a standalone product as the MOB+™, or built into existing marine systems for smart integrations.

Advanced Adaptive Frequency Hopping


Unique ID Technology

Dual Antenna Diversity

High speed, low latency

data link

Dynamic Output Power


MOB Algorithm

Intelligent Tech

The WiMEA® (Wireless Marine Electronics Algorithm) Protocol is a highly advanced marine security protocol. Utilizing a high speed link and Unique ID Technology enables MOB+™ to be robust while keeping the latency from breaking the wireless link to MOB to be almost as fast as pulling a cut-off switch cord. WiMEA® Protocol operates across several frequency channels and has 4D Antenna Diversity to avoid interference and unintented signal blocking, which makes it virtually impossible for any other wireless system to interfere with the operation of a MOB+ system.

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