UltraFight 2016 Catalog !, Page 3

UltraFight 2016 Catalog !, Page 3

Even a novice can catch panfish — the real skill is in the method. Fishing with ultra light tackle guarantees a challenging fight for anglers of all skill levels.

With that in mind, South Bend has designed a full line of panfish-specific fishing products, specially engineered to provide anglers with a level of sensitivity and control unmatched by any other line of products on the market.

UltraFight’s lightweight rods, smooth reels, and feather-weight lines maximize the pure action and intensity of every fight with even the smallest fish, while maintaining that delicate balance of finesse and control needed to set the hook and land the catch.

For serious panfish anglers there’s only one choice.

UltraFight — Light Tackle, Big Fight.