Frogg Toggs Waders 2016 Catalog !, Page 37

Frogg Toggs Waders 2016 Catalog !, Page 37

CP100F Chilly Pad ® Cooling Towel 36-Pack Floor Display

Footprint: 19" x 19.5" x 58"


Best value prepacked, 36-piece floor POS display.

CP100B Chilly Pad ® Cooling Towel 12-pc. Case Pack

Footprint: 9.75" x 11.5" x 17.75"


Chilly Pad is available in a multitude of colors and display options. Choose from our 12-count counter displays and our 36-carton floor display—both provide you a broad selection of header cards, one of which is sure to match your consumer audience.

Assorted Colors

CD102 Chilly Dana ™ Cooling Bandana

Size: 26" x 26" x 36.75"

CS108 Chilly Shade ™

Cooling Neck Cover


Chilly Dana is our all-sport, all-terrain, all-purpose evaporative cooling bandana. It absorbs sweat and is specially cut to wear as a do-rag or around your neck — two areas that help regulate the body’s temperature. Our custom embossed “Frogg Feet” maximize the effectiveness of the Dana, making it the perfect all-purpose cooling towel.

Varsity Blue


Sand 04

Red 10


Days in the sun just got a lot cooler and safer. Providing UPF 50 sun and UV protection, the Chilly Shade Cooling Neck Cover provides a physical sun barrier for your neck and ears while offering the same evaporative cooling of the original Chilly Pad. Simply slide it around your head or the brim of your hat to have hours of cooling, sun-blocking power.

Reusable, zip-close storage and travel packaging makes Chilly Shade easy to carry, keep moist and ready to wear.

Hi-Vis Lime Green


Sand 04

Ice White