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3D Hard Eel

3D Hard Eel

Musky and Pike anglers have been using soft PVC baits to catch big fish for years. The drawback is a bait may only last one fish or one bite. Introducing the Savage Gear Hard Eel, a hard body bait with replaceable tails. Each bait comes with two soft tails; a small tail that lets the bait have a side to side darting action on a twitch retrieve, and a big tail for straight, or stop and go retrieves to call fish from longer distances. With the curve of the large tail facing down the Hard Eel is a great subsurface bait. Turn the tail 180 degrees and the bait becomes a surface wake bait even at slow speeds.

● Based on a 3D scan of an actual eel. ● Hard body with replaceable tails. ● Short tail for a side to side gliding bait on a twitch retrieve. ● Long tail for straight retrieve. Tail facing down will give a slow sinking bait. ● Rotate the tail 180 degrees so the tail is facing up for a slow winding wake bait.

BO: Black / Orange

WE: Walleye

GA: Golden Ambulance

PI: Pike FT: Fire Tiger

CS: Cisco

Hard Eel

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Hard Eel Tail Bait

10" 4 oz Slow Sinking 1 + 2 Tails $19.99 CS, WE, BO, FT, GA, PI