River2sea 2015 Catalog, Page 5

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Biggie is a pair of squarebilled crankbaits. Poppa is a 2-5/8 inch body, and Smalls is the 2-1/4-inch version. Each size is available in a fast floating version with a single solid rattle called “Bumpin’,” and a slow floating silent version called “Creepin’.” When allowed to float to the surface, Bumpin’ rises at around one foot per second, and Creepin’ rises at about half that speed giving anglers a crankbait for coldwater situations.

Biggie comes in 10 colors and all are armed with super sharp, ultra strong River2Sea treble hooks. These crankbaits are designed by Monroe to hypnotize bass.


packs per case

Tungsten Weight Rattle

Force System

Armed with River2Sea Hook

01 - tS mInnow 05 - abalone Shad

02 - da’ heater

03 - I know It

04 - bc Shad

06 - cold blooded

07 - Splattered

08 - krackel

09 - real perch

10 - real SunfISh

15 - delta craw

16 - lemon drop