River2sea 2015 Catalog, Page 26

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s t w o a 2 w M l p 6 t o M w w d w o e a d . l a r e t l t e iv e r r e & r p d o e v s p i c s b p r e r d i e p e t a a r s i o t c u n r io i s pt n a io . n b c W a t o . i ( m t o z s ) W l t . ( . i ( n o ) z) l. (in)

H o o k

Hook Ac tio n


Don’t let the beauty confuse you, the Bubble Walker is a walking bait with a concave mouth to leave a bubble trail and tungsten rattles to attract the big ones where three premium trebles will grab them. Given the chance she will sashay her way into your tackle box; Bubble Walker will lure them in, and knock them dead.


packs per case

Armed with River2Sea Hook

Rattle Tungsten Weight

Force System

S49 - loon G54r - abalone Shad

G52r - you know It G56r - GhoSt mInnow

G53r - herrInG G58r - powder

The Dumbbell is a topwater popper designed to cast far, pop loudly, and then hang on to any fish that chomps down on it. Its heavy weight and aerodynamic shape casts great distances, even in wind! The large, concave, red-painted mouth pops huge volumes of water, making it one of the noisiest lures on the market. And the Dumbbell Popper is built tough, tough enough to outlast cubera, ulua, roosterfish, dorado, and all other fish that respond to a topwater lure. If its heart-pounding action you’re looking for, the smart thing to do is to reach for a Dumbbell Popper.

Wire-thru Harness

Armed with River2Sea Hook


packs per case

dp01 - jumpInG mullet

dp02 - dorado Green

dp03 - blue mackerel (Glow belly)

dp04 - Green back SIlver

dp05 - raIder (oranGe belly)

dp06 - pInk SIlver

dp07- flamInG head