River2sea 2015 Catalog, Page 23

s- w av e r 200


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The River2Sea S-Waver is one of the most popular S-Action swimbaits on the market today. Now, the S-Waver has grown up. With trophy bass anglers and Muskie and Pike anglers latching on to the lure as one of their favorites, they still sought a larger version. The S-Waver200 is the answer to those requests. Built to withstand the rigors of large game fish, from trophy largemouth, to Muskie, Pike and event giant striper, the S-Waver 200 brings the famous S-Action retrieve into the kind of bait that appeals to the largest predators.

Use straight retrieve will allow S-Waver 200 to swim along its path. It is a perfect imitation of a wounded, dying baitfish.

Comes with one spare tail

Armed with River2Sea Hook


packs per case

01 - lIte trout

10 - mr. maGu

12 - yellow perch

15 - I know It

02 - raInbow trout

11 - party craSher

13 - abalone Shad

16 - ararI