River2sea 2015 Catalog, Page 22

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In many cultures the frog is a revered animal, and our frog family Bully Wa is no different; only this frog demands respect. Bully Wa is perfect for fishing on top of matted weeds, but our unique keel shaped design makes this frog walk over open water like no other. With River2Sea’s enhanced water seal on the hook shanks, Bully Wa is now one of the most versatile frogs on the market. This new tube feature on the belly of the frog minimizes the amount of water that enters during the retrieve, yet allows air to escape on hookset. New for 2013, the Bully Wa now comes in five new colors that will give anglers even more choices around cover.


Bully Wa 55, 65

packs per case


Baby Bully 45

packs per case

Armed with River2Sea Hook

01 - coot

02 - yellow head

03 - mud bIrd

04 - copper Green

05 - GhoSt

06 - dIrty whIte

07 - lemon lIme

08 - armed forceS

12 - leopard

13 - I know It

14 - tonIc

15 - bream

16 - poISon

17 - bIG mouth