River2sea 2015 Catalog, Page 20

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Built on the foundation of our widely popular Bottom Walker swimbaits, the new Rig Walker is built to perform on castable umbrella rigs everywhere. With a forward line tie and a newly designed tail section, Rig Walker comes in five packs designed to arm any angler with the lures they need to load their castable umbrella rig to the teeth. Rig Walker is designed to be the ultimate bait for our Bumbershoot and castable umbrella rigs everywhere.

rw01 - herrInG

rw03 - GhoSt Shad

Armed with River2Sea Hook


packs per case

rw02 - Ice whIte

rw04 - SIlverSIde

River2Sea’s Live Eye Bottom Walker is as versatile a swimbait any angler could ask for. In open water, Bottom Walker swims seductively, but stop the retrieve and Bottom Walker sits upright on the bottom imitating a feeding baitfish unaware of the predators nearby. Live Eye Bottom Walker comes in a variety of colors and sizes designed to be effective in a wide range of water conditions.

Armed with River2Sea Hook


packs per case

S25 - Stock trout

lbw17 - GlacIer blue

lbw15 - SIlver SIde

lbw14 - lemon Ice

lbw04 - new Shad

lbw02 - Ice whIte