River2sea 2015 Catalog, Page 19

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For decades savvy musky men have known that surface lures that made a certain deep throated hollow popping-plopping sound drove muskies crazy. The problem was if you found one with a “good” tail it would bend and get out of tune when it got bit by a fish, hit a rock or even just from repeat casting.

I caught my first musky over 50 years ago on this type of lure and I’ve been tinkering with them ever since. The Whopper Popper is the culmination of my years of fine tuning this style of lure and since they are molded, every single one comes out of the box with the perfect tail size and angle to make a sound that simply drives fish crazy. Plus, its tail is made of super tough plastic that flexes right back into place no matter whether it gets chomped on or gets cast into a bridge piling. Weighing in at over 2 oz you can cast it a mile and it’s got top quality River2sea 5/0 hooks that will stick from long distance.


Armed with Wire-thru

River2Sea Hook Harness


packs per case

The Whopper Plopper is “roll resistant” and works well at a variety of speeds. Interestingly, sound experiments have suggested that even at constant speeds the tail kicks out sounds that vary as much as an octave in pitch as opposed to the more monotone metal tails.

01 - fIre tIGer

02 - beeGee

04 - red horSe

07 - rock Star

09 - perch

12 - loon