River2sea 2015 Catalog, Page 18

Whopp er pl o pper 130


l w a 1 w 8 M r o r w d y e l .r d i a v h e l r ber s d g e es a S c r e u i p r s t i i e a o n S .com W t. ( oz) l. ( i n) ®

Hoo k

A cti o n

We were catching so many big bass, both largemouth and

smallmouth on the musky sized whopper plopper we

just had to make one the right size for bass!

It operates at speeds from crawl so super slow

you can’t hear the tail, only the tiny glass beads

that sizzle inside as the head shakes back and forth

with each rotation of the tail.

Speed it up and it throws water like a swamp buggy and has the same deep,

hollow, whopper-plopping-fish-catching sound of the original!

Like the original, it casts a mile so it’s great for combing large flats or

expanses and obviously its ability to work at the widest possible range of speeds makes it a great tool for tuning in the most productive speeds and

Armed with Wire-thru River2Sea Hook Harness

rhythm of the particular day, a particular fish that might be following or one

that’s just watching other top water lures go by.

Also, like the original the tail is perfectly tuned out of the box, is flexible and stays perfectly tuned forever.

Measuring 5 inches, and weighing in at 1 3/8 ounces, The Whopper Plopper 130 is a bass-sized tool that provides long

accurate casts, a wider possible range of speeds, and wider range of commotion and sound than anything even close to it’s

size you have ever tied on your line. Learn how to use it and I guarantee it will put extra fish in the boat.

P.S. Please, if using it for larger species, remove rear hook and put on one front hook two sizes larger. They tend to eat it and it’s difficult to avoid gill injury.



packs per case

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