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diver f r o g


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For over 100 years anglers have been making lures they hoped would

imitate frogs. Many look just like a frog. When they’re sitting still that

is. But when put into motion in a dynamic state, most do nothing but

skim over the surface like a water ski. Others plow clumsily through the

water and attempt to appear alive. They might kind of “look” frog, but

they don’t DO frog!

Until now that is. The Dahlberg Diver Frog does frog. In spades. Give

it a pull and it dives, creating a soft bubble chain with its legs kicking

behind it just like a real frog. Stop, its legs retract, and it rises slowly

until its eyes poke out above the surface. You’ll swear it’s real.

Repeat, but instead of letting it return to the surface, continue to stroke and stop.

The legs will kick and retract, kick and retract, swimming exactly like a real frog.

The lure will continue to gain a couple inches of depth with each stroke until it reaches a depth of 24-30”! In the shallows, you can swim it down into the bottom, shake it a little, let it rise an inch, nose it back, kick up some dust

Armed with River2Sea Hook

to get their attention, then let it slow rise all the way back to the surface. I will amaze when you see it in action.



bestof ’em.TheDahlbergDiverFrogcanslideoverjunk,popandrestinahole,doanycombinationofpoppingandswimmingalong edgesornoseintothebottomlikeafrogtryingtohideinthemud.

packs per case

It’s irresistible!

Comes with 1 pair of spare legs

01 - leopard

03 - lIme

04 - yellow head

There is a secret way to fish this frog. In real life, they either swim or bury themselves in the mud. Stick your rod tip down in the water a couple feet and get that frog to the bottom. When you feel the rocks and mud, continue shaking your rod tip so it looks like the frog is burying itself!

05 - whIte