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John Murray is known as the godfather of Western Tournament angling, and he is known for taking extra care of his friends. Those same facets of his character were poured into his Papa Mur Football Jig. Murray started with designing a hook that combined the best facets of the round bend and the O’Shaughnessy hooks into one that keeps jig trailers straight, yet still holds hooked bass. The reverse bite shape of the Papa Mur Jig hook holds trailers fast, yet puts the hook point as the perfect strike angle.

Murray then added his favorite football jig head shape to the cross eye line tie and made sure that there was a trailer keeper barb molded into the design so that anglers can be as aggressive as they need to be to make fish strike. The Papa Mur jig is available in three sizes, and 10 hand tied color patterns that Murray specified for his travels across the country.

Special jig hook designed by john murray


packs per case

01 - brown / purple 02 - Green / pumpkIn


03 - black / blue

04 - watermelon /

dark Green

05 - brown / oranGe

06 - brown

07 - black

08 - brown / red

/ oranGe