Denali Rods 2015 Catalog, Page 8


• IM10 Blanks • Ring Lock Guides • Carbon Fiber Handles • New Skeleton Reel Seats • Redesigned Stabilized Hardwood Foregrip

How do you improve upon perfection? The original Noirwood Series rods were among the lightest, most sensitive rods on the planet, designed to transmit even the lightest bites under the most extreme tournament conditions.

Impossible or not, the new N2 Series rods have taken the original’s sensitivity to unprecedented levels, combining the absolute highest quality materials with brand new cutting edge components to offer a totally new fishing experience that cannot be equaled.

The N2 Series rods are lighter; thanks to a new skeleton reel seat and subtly designed hardwood foregrip, more sensitive due to more exposed blank, and more diverse, with three additional models for 2015.

With the new N2 Series, you can still feel your Carolina rig bump a mussel shell in thirty feet of water, but now you can tell if the mussel is open or closed.

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