Denali Rods 2015 Catalog, Page 4


• IM8 Blanks • Semi-Micro Ringlock Guides • Lightweight Skeleton Reel Seat • Custom EVA Handles for Max Comfort • Stabilized Hardwood Foregrip

Denali has taken the minimalist concept to a new level with the Kovert series. These rods make fatigued arms, tired shoulders, and aching backs a thing of the past.

By merging all the latest concepts in rod technology like semi-microguides, skeleton reel seats, and lightweight EVA handles with Denali’s tradition of quality and performance, the Kovert series is designed from the ground up to help you catch more fish and stay on the water longer.

Also new for the Kovert series is a redesign of the trademark stabilized hardwood foregrip, and the addition of dimpled aluminum winding checks, all specifically integrated to provide that extra “edge” while on the water.

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