Yum 2014 Catalog, Page 7


More flash equals more fish. The YUMbrella Flash Mob 5-wire multi-bait rig has all of the features that made the YUMbrella the leader in the category – super- tough stainless steel, heat treated wire, strong snaps and swivels and one of the toughest wire connections in the industry – and adds four willow blades midway down each outer arm to produce tremendous flash and vibration and create the image of a bigger school of baitfish.

Any time bass – largemouth, smallmouth, stripers – are the target, the Flash Mob will get their attention and provoke them into action even when they’re suspended and lethargic. Got fish holding tight to structure on bottom? Drag a Flash Mob near and you’ll get their attention.

Flash Mob




• Four spinning blades provide flash and vibration. • Creates the illusion of a bigger school of baitfish. • Perfect for largemouth, smallmouth, striped bass. • Powered by four No. 4 counter-rotating Willowleaf blades.

YUMbrella ® Flash Mob ® YUMBWSB5TSNR - Tennessee Special