Yum 2014 Catalog, Page 4



The YUMbrella multi-lure rig by YUM quickly established itself as the No. 1 rig in fishing for strength, durability and effectiveness.

“I’ve fished a bunch of different rigs,” said top FLW pro Jason Christie, “and the YUMbrella is definitely the toughest, best-made one I’ve thrown. I couldn’t get a day’s fishing out of some of the others without breaking. I’ve got one on now that I’ve fished seven 12-hour days with – and caught some giant bass – and it’s still going strong.”


Tennessee Special

Foxy Lady

The YUMbrella is constructed using stainless steel wire that has been repeatedly heat treated for strength and memory, and it’s held together with a true coupler system to create a rig anglers can depend on. Add tough snaps and swivels and a rattle in the head, and the YUMbrella gives anglers exactly what they’re looking for – an advantage with a lure that performs with shocking results. We make believers every day.

5-Wire YUMbrella ® YUMB5FL - Foxy Lady YUMB5TS - Tennessee Special

3-Wire YUMbrella ® YB3TS - Tennessee Special