Yum 2014 Catalog, Page 3


Double Up

Why throw only one lure when you can throw two? The YUMbrella™ Double Up™ allows you to fish any two lures – or any combination of different lures – at the same time!

Shad and other baitfish live and travel in schools. When was the last time you saw one shad swimming by itself? Outside of the one you see trying to escape from being eaten, you always see shad in schools. Rigs such as the Double Up™ and YUMbrella™ allow anglers to present multiple lures to entice fish into chasing a school of bait instead of one, unnatural baitfish swimming alone.




• Affordable for all anglers to play in the umbrella/multiple rig game. • The Double Up™ is castable on any equipment. • Throw two baits at one time to mimic a bait school. • Any lure any combination, the only limit is the angler’s imagination. • Many times fish don’t swim alone, and the Double Up™ gives anglers the chance to catch them all, two at a time!

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