Yum 2014 Catalog, Page 2


Terry “BIG Show” Scroggins

YUM Soft Plastics brings anglers a new line of multi-lure rigs under the umbrella sub-brand “Bait School Technology.” Bait School Technology embraces the philosophy of mimicking schools of baitfish, and brings this ability to every angler, regardless of skill, situation or equipment. It’s a whole new world, and Bait School Technology aims to lead anglers to a new, more-natural way to catch more and bigger fish than ever before.

The multi-lure rig phenomenon spawned the concept of Bait School Technology, a revolutionary and more natural way of thinking about fishing. Baitfish live in schools, and Bait School Technology takes advantage of this normal activity by presenting not one, but a small school of lures at the same time. How many times have you reeled in a fish and seen others swimming with it? Fish are like other animals, when one snags food, others come after it. With a Bait School Technology rig, the angler is presenting an extra lure or three for those excited, following fish to strike.

Bait School Technology rigs put everyone in the game. Lightweight rigs allow anglers to use a multi-lure rig on any type of rod and reel, from a simple Zebco 33 to the sturdiest of baitcaster. While first-generation multi-lure rigs were made for professional level equipment and big suspended bass, Bait School Technology features a full line of rigs to match any angler’s style of fishing.

Bait School Technology rigs allow anglers to use a multi- lure rig in shallow water, through sparse grass, and use any type of lure, from topwaters to bottom bouncers. Several also can be used by bait fishermen or catfishermen to up their odds of catching more fish.

Bait School Technology brings multi-lure rigs to the masses and expands the use of these phenomenal rigs with top quality components and manufacturing.