Yum 2014 Catalog, Page 13


Accessory Kit

The YUMbrella Flash Mob Jr. Kits make fishing a castable umbrella rig more efficient and effective than ever. Two versions are available, one with five wire lure arms and the other with three, and each comes with all of the jigheads and soft-plastics you need to catch fish on the most effective rig on the market. The 3-Wire Kit comes with a lightweight Flash Mob Jr. castable umbrella rig featuring willowleaf spinning blades positioned at the midpoint of each lure arm, plus three 1/8-ounce round ball jigheads with 2/0 hooks and three Pearl White curltail grubs. The 5-Wire Kit contains a Flash Mob Jr. with five lure arms. Willowleaf blades are attached at the halfway point of each of the four outer lure arms, and the kit also includes five 1/8-ounce round ball jigheads with 2/0 hooks and five Pearl White curltail grubs.



YBLW3TSK1 1 3-Wire Flash Mob Jr. 3 1/8-Ounce Round Ball Jigheads 3 Pearl White curltail grubs

YBLW5TSK1 1 5-Wire Flash Mob Jr. 5 1/8-Ounce Round Ball Jigheads 5 Pearl White curltail grubs