2014 Yamamoto Catalog, Page 47

Carolina Rig


Most often used on open, relatively un- obstructed bottom. Thread a 1/2 to 1 oz sinker onto your main line, followed by a bead that clicks when the sinker hammers against it. Then tie on a swivel, an 18”-24” leader line (or longer), and your hook. As with all the rigs described here, use lighter weights on Carolina rigs with light tackle, and heavier weights on Carolina rigs rods, reels and lines.

Dropshot Rig

Tie a Yamamoto series 53 Splitshot Hook onto the main line with a Palomar knot. The loose tag end of the knot is left anywhere from 12”-24” long. After the knot is tied, the tag end is threaded through the hook eye in the direc- tion that keeps the hook point positioned up. A swiveling style sinker is then clipped onto the dangling end of the line anywhere from 6”-24” below the hook. The bait is then nose-hooked. Optionally, the bait can be wacky- rigged in the middle to reduce any line twist that may occur with dropshot rigs.

Rockhopper Rig

An advancement over the Carolina rig for rock strewn bottoms. The rockhopper sinker can come through snags that stop most sinker types. Sinker is a product of Mojo Lure Company, Inc.

Wacky Rig

Using your favorite hook or one designed specifically for wacky rigging a Senko, like the Gamakatsu Finesse Wide Gap (p. 12), bend the bait in the middle so both tips touch. Then poke the hook straight through the bend in the middle.

Splitshot or Splitshot Rig

Tie a hook to the end of your line and pinch one or more split shot 18”-24” above the hook. Keep in mind, don’t pinch the splitshot shut so tightly that you risk damaging the line. The Mojo Splitshot is an advancement that uses rubber threads to cushion the line. If not used in snaggy areas, simply nose-hook the bait with Yamamoto’s series 53 Splitshot hook.

A splitshot rig is most often used with light line. Since splitshot sinkers are typically smaller and lighter than any other sinker types, you can slowly drift a splitshot rig down past bass suspended in mid-depths above deep water. A splitshot can be used for a delicate lightweight presen- tation in shallow water, or to sweep a bait down with the current flow in a stream or shallow river. The bait will swirl and sway as it is buffeted around by the water flow while the splitshots keep it hunkered down near the bottom!

Sinker is a product of Mojo Lure Company, Inc.

Swimbait Rig

Thread the 43S5 or 43S6 Yamamoto Swimbait Jighead into the body of the swimbait and bring the hook point out the back about 1-1/2 inches back. Press the bait firmly against the head and softly squeeze the sides to secure the bait onto the tri-cone collar. The best action comes from a slow steady retrieve with the occasional pause or twitch to entice those following fish.