2014 Yamamoto Catalog, Page 38

Sugoi ® Fishing Line

Clear Sugoi® Flippin’ and Drop Shot Line 130 yards (59-120-lb test) $22.69 (8-25 lb) $20.59 (5-6 lb)

Use our heavy-duty clear fluorocarbon line for big bass in heavy cover. Incredible abrasion resistance and longevity. Weights 5-8lb are perfect for drop-shotting! Available in: 5lb, 6lb, 8lb, 12lb, 16lb, 20lb, 25lb

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Gray Sugoi® Casting Line 130 yards (59-120GR-lb test) $22.69

Sugoi Gray Fluorocarbon line allows you a smaller diameter with ultra sensitivity and low stretch, without sacrificing strength. The most durable, castable, sensitive line we’ve ever fished. Available in: 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 14lb, 16lb

Kits and Specialty

Senko Kit (16-Senko-Kit) $22.99

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Forty of our very best Senkos (7 each: 9-297, 9-194, 9-031, 9S-196; 6 each: 9S-901, 9S-214) in a rugged, re-usable Plano utility box with instructions from Gary Yamamoto detailing how to use the Senko.

The perfect 36-piece sampling of our Swim Senko (6 each) in colors 021, 031, 157, 196, 208, 297, kept neatly in a Plano utility box. Included are Gary’s personal tips on how to use this great product.

Swim Senko Kit (16-Swim Senko Kit) $22.99

Pro Starter Kit (16-Starter-Kit) $22.99

Get a rugged, re-usable Plano utility box with everything you need for a weekend of fishing! Includes our most favorite colors, 9 Ikas (92-series), 21 Grubs (18-series), 4 9S Senkos, 8 of the 9-series Senkos, 4 Yamamoto Sugoi hooks, 5 Yamamoto Split Shot hooks, swivels and complete rigging instructions.

MegaStrike Scent Attractant (39-Mega) $8.99

Scientifically formulated with advanced amino acids and proteins to work in concert with bass chemo receptors and olfactory glands. 2 fl. oz tube

Attach this one-piece system to your rod and secure your drop-shot weight during transit and storage. Easily attaches to any size rod blank and doubles as a regular Hook Keeper.

Drop Shot Weight Keeper System (39-weight-keeper) $3.09

Keep your investment in rods and reels protected with a Yamamoto rod cover. Helps prevent line tangles and damage to equipment. Adjustable velcro top flap for rods longer than 7’.

Yamamoto Rod Cover (29-Rod Cover-right) $10.29