2014 Yamamoto Catalog, Page 16

PsychoDad ®

3K-05-color 4” $5.39


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Designed by western “punch- ing” guru Bub Tosh, the Psycho- Dad® is a small punch craw with the versatility to do everything else. Our new crawdad bait has huge round claws that act like swimbait tails and actually “paddle” when you swim the bait. It’s also the only craw with a built in rattle chamber, big enough to hold a 7mm rattle, and designed so it won’t fall out. The “Dad” also has extra plastic on its “tail” which holds it up on the new style straight shank punch hooks with the barb keeper. No more baits balled up at the hook bend!

Pair the PsychoDad® with a big punch weight, a Paycheck Baits punch skirt, then put it in the nastiest mat you can find and hold on! The PsychoDad® is also great for Carolina Rigging, or use it as a jig trailer. It even catches fish on a Shakey Head. Use it behind your ChatterBait ™ for a different look. Whatever you need a soft plastic crawdad to do, the PsychoDad® will get it done for you. Get some and give them a try now!

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