Williamson Lures 2014 Catalog, Page 23


This is a must for all anglers. Williamson Dorado Jigs are one of the most versatile, all-around light trolling lures available. They work with many species of fish and often will get strikes when things are really slow and all seems lost. We have hand-selected 6 beautiful colors that will cover both bright and dull days. Easy-to-clean mesh storage bag.

Model No. DOK6

tunA CAtChER Kit - 4 PACK

Tuna Catcher™ Kit provides anglers with the best lures for Tuna. High-speed performance holds true up to 9 knots. Pre-rigged with a 8/0 VMC ® hook and 5 feet of 130 lb. Sufix ® mono leader. Kit includes four pre-rigged top Tuna Catcher patterns: Dorado, Halloween, Pink Blue Silver and Black Purple. Easy-to-clean mesh storage bag.

Model No. TCK4

tunA FEAthER Kit - 4 PACK

Four of the best feathers in the Williamson stable, prismatic-molded and highly polished heads with quality bright colored feathers, all rigged to the correct standard, will make this kit a must for any Tuna fishing trip. Easy-to-clean mesh storage bag.

Model No. TFK4

tunA FEAthER Kit - 6 PACK

Model No. TFK6

This is a kit for all seasons. Four feathers with prismatic-molded heads and two feathers with chrome metal heads. All are pre-rigged to the highest standard and ready to fish. This is a great kit for a long-range trip or just a one to two-day trip. Easy-to-clean mesh storage bag.

gAME FiSh Kit

Model No. GFK6

Six great all-around lures, professionally rigged and presented in a saltwater resistant bag, a kit that will meet all needs for game fishing especially, Dorado, Tuna, Sailfish, etc.