Terminator 2014 Catalog, Page 6

Titanium Twin Spin It’s all about the drop, flash and vibration

• Retrieved like a spinnerbait yet dropped like a jig • Patented SnapBack Titanium frame provides the truest-running, longest-lasting spinnerbait • Dual Terminator exclusive beveled Oklahoma blades • QuickSkirt changeable premium silicone skirt • Premium VMC® Needle Point hook • Go-to color patterns with flash enhancing blade combinations


• Painted, gold or nickel plated exclusive serrated blades • Upturned nose allows bait to walk over logs, vegetation and rise to the surface quickly • Natural-looking head is wider, keeping it on top of the water longer even at slow retrieves • QuickSkirt changeable premium silicone skirt • Long shank hook to increase hook-ups • Wings cupped greater than 90˚ for huge splash • Tuned rivet for extra sound

TTS1204CH 1/2 oz

04-Sharp Chartreuse CH-Chartreuse Blades

38-Pumpkin & Pepper Green G-Gold Blades

TTS1238G 1/2 oz

TBB14B01N 1/4 oz TBB38B01N 3/8 oz

01-Bright White Shad N-Nickel Blade

43-Blue Olive G-Gold Blades

TTS1243G 1/2 oz TTS3443G 3/4 oz

47-Brown Purple G-Gold Blades

TTS1247G 1/2 oz TTS3447G 3/4 oz

TTS1281N 1/2 oz TTS3481N 3/4 oz

81-Silver Shiner N-Nickel Blades

84-Yellow Perch G-Gold Blades

TTS1284G 1/2 oz

TBB14B02G 1/4 oz TBB38B02G 3/8 oz

02-Chartreuse White Shad G-Gold Blade

TTS1286B 1/2 oz

86-Black Blue Purple B-Black Nickel Blades

TTS3487C 3/4 oz

87-Perch C-Copper Blades


88-Sunfish G-Gold Blades

TTS1288G 1/2 oz TTS3488G 3/4 oz

TBB14B22B 1/4 oz TBB38B22B 3/8 oz

22-Black/Blue B-Black Blade