2014 Pflueger Catalog, Page 2

The Smart Choice™. The Pflueger name stands for quality value, trusted performance and fishing tradition; and

has for over 130 years. We are proud to build reels that utilize the newest breakthroughs in technology along with materials that stand the test of time and continue to exceed your expectations.

Ball Bearings

The XCR Bearing system combines the benefits of shielded bearings with up to 10x’s greater corrosion resistance than standard stainless steel ball bearings. XCR bearings also reduce friction, which improves free spin resulting in a smoother performing reel. The bear- ing shields add additional protection by keeping dirt and grit from entering into race area.

The Carbon Drag system provides low start-up inertia, giving anglers smooth and consistent drag throughout the entire drag setting. Carbon Drag systems are virtually maintenance free and will not compress or buckle under pressure.

Oiled Felt Drag System

This proven system uses oil impregnated felt material to achieve a smooth and reliable drag performance. Strict requirements are used to select only the best oil and felt materials for our drag systems.

Sealed Ball Bearings

Both sides of these bearings are fully sealed with a polymer cover between inner and outer races. These seals protect the ball bearings by keeping lubrication in and by keeping dirt, debris and moisture out. Sealed bearings are normally placed in key locations most likely to be subject to exposure from the elements. These types of ball bearing are normally made out of stainless steel.

The Carbon Arbor spool has a unique and innovative design that combines aluminum with super light weight carbon. This combination provides an ultra lightweight spool without sacrificing strength.

Shielded Ball Bearings

The shields fit between the inner and outer races and provide protection to the bearings by prevent- ing dirt and grit from settling in the race area. These bearings can be made out of chrome or stainless steel.

The Braid Ready spool incorporates built-in rubber grommets that grip braided lines and prevent them from sliding on the arbor of the spool. The grom- mets hold braided lines tightly to the spool arbor which saves both time and the extra step of having to back fill a reel with monofilament line or the using of tape. Eliminating the need to back fill with monofilament provides increased line capacity when using braided lines.

Aluminum Spinning Spool

Open Ball Bearings

The standard spool is made from strong, dependable aluminum that will not fail under stress. This spool also provides strength and protection to the drag system that is housed inside of the spool.

Open bearings are easy to identify because the small metal balls are visible from either side of the bearing. These bearings are normally located deep within the reel in areas where exposure to salt, moisture or the elements is unlikely.

One-Way Clutch Bearing

Also known as a ‘one-way clutch’ or ‘instant anti-reverse’, the clutch bearing consists of a number of needle bearings which turn in one direction only. With traditional dog and ratchet style anti-reverse systems, the angler experiences some back play in the rotor or handle. The amount of back play depends on the number of teeth on the ratchet -- the more teeth the less back play. With a clutch bearing there is no back play which delivers faster, more solid hook sets.

C-Lock System

Non-detachable cam locking side plate allows quick break adjustments without losing the side plate

Solid Aluminum Bail Wire

Large solid aluminum bail wire provides superior strength and resistance to warping.