Optimum 2014 Catalog, Page 8

Wacky Shad

The slim baitfish profile looks exactly like a wounded shad or pinhead when rigged on a darter head or fished on a drop shot.

The Wacky Shad is a very effective finesse style worm. It can be fished multiple ways and thus the diversity of these baits makes it a popular item for Optimum. Recently, many anglers are using the Wacky Shad for their drop shot bait because of its realistic eyes and the slim profile which emulates a wounded baitfish. It can also be twitched with a darter head or can be popped across the surface without any weight at all. This bait also produces very well in saltwater. In bays and estuaries the Wacky Shad is killer when used on light line. Long range fishermen have also used the Wacky Shad on the slide for Albacore Tuna and other pelagic species.

Available in 3”, 4” and 5”

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