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Crashing Thunder

We’ve Added Flash & Noise to help produce more Lunkers!

The “ Crashing Thunder ” is the first of its kind combining a swimbait’s kicking tail action and the pulsating vibration from a spinnerbaits blade. It was designed so it can be fished from bottom to top, fast to slow, in tight cover and in open water. It’s perfect for slow rolling off the shore and back out to deeper water or yo-yoing it up and down for suspended bass. We have found that for best results, you should always vary the retrieve speeds until you find one that best suits the mood of the fish for the current conditions.

Now the Crashing Thunder is available in both a tandem willow and double willow in both gold and silver plated blade combinations. The wire is now also designed so the baits are interchangeable to match the conditions. The product line up now includes the AA`s curly tail grubs and Tails of Optimum as trailer options.

Length: Weight : Depth Range: Action Type: Color Ring:



5/8oz 1oz Top to Bottom Flash & Vibration 8 standard colors


Top water excitement from a fish exploding on a buzzbait and the trademarked knobbed Optimum swimbait tail are captured in this new style lure. Twin blades rotate in opposite directions enabling it to get on plane quicker, true tracking, and deep sound penetration drawing fish from near and far. To bring back the fun to your outdoor adventure we proudly offer the Ambitious Buzz in several length wires and swimbait combinations.

Good Luck & Have Fun!!


* Twin Blades- enables the bait to get on plane quickly

* Extremely loud clanking sound- Twin Blades banging against each other

* 3/4oz plus swimbait trailers - cast for distance, with vibrating tail

* Left and right blades- blades turn in opposite directions so bait runs straight

* Baits available in 6” wire with 4” swimbait, 4” wire with 6” swimbait and now a 4” wire with 3” swimbait.


Heavy Cover Series

The Heavy Cover series Was designed for fishing swimbaits and the like weedless in big brush and over weeds.They works great for that style of fishing and also are very effective fished on a Heavy Down shot Rig. Our Heavy Cover Series allows you to fish a big profile lure in the weeds with more APPEAL than your standard finesse dropshot worm.

In Japan, Kazuya Shimada held the Japanese National Largemouth Bass record with a 19.15lb fished on the Heavy Cover Double Spin. This series includes 3 differrent fish catching styles.

Weight: Lure Type: Depth Range: Action Type: Hook:

10 grams Texas rig or jig head bottom to surface Swimming & rolling Use with 4/O

3” Heavy Cover Attractor

4” Heavy Cover T Bait

4” Heavy Cover Double Spin


Tails of Optimum

The Tails of Optimum are used with external jigheads and are very effective when you need a lure that covers an extremely broad speed range. The key is to find what mood the fish are in and experiment with different weighted heads. These swimbaits have thinner bodies which, when rigged correctly, are speed- burners that can produce a super-fast cadence yet still retain the capability for a very slow presentation. These tails feature high detail and are fully decked out with gills and dorsal fins.

The Tails of Optimum are perfect for both freshwater and saltwater species.

Length: Depth Range: Action Type: Hook: Color Ring:








Mid range-Bottom Tight Rolling Use with Sakana Jighead or favorite Jighead 25 standard colors