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The BLT offers a unique and simple way to be rigged. Run your line THRU the bait and tie on the lazer sharp treble hook. Bury the hook point into the belly. When the fish strikes the bait, many times it will pull free allowing the bait to run up your line when fighting the fish thus saving your bait for future use.

AVAILABLE in 3 Sizes!! 3-1/2” , 4-3/4” & 6-3/4” Green Friendly!! Made with Non-Phthalate plastic SPECIFICATIONS: 3BLT 5BLT 7LT Length: 3-1/2” 4-3/4” 6-3/4” and NON-LEAD Weights Weight: 1/2oz 1.1oz 2.75oz

Classification: Swimbait Hook: Eagle Claw Laser Sharp

Size 3

Size 1/0

Size 3/0

The Baby Line Thru is designed to fish with a moderate to fast retrieve. The BLT features an irresistible tight body roll and pulsating tail kick that fish can’t resist. This bait is perfect for locating fish quickly by fan casting in the shallows or slowly dragging in deeper areas. Use the 3” BLT with a medium action rod about 6’6” -7’ on 8-14lb line while the 5” should be fished with a 7’ medium heavy rod and 14-20lb line.

The 7” Line Thru has best results with a Heavy Action Rod and 20-30lb line.

Swimbait Color Chart

#500 Shad

#501 Light Rainbow

#503 Fire Tiger

#504 Shiner


#505 Sunfish

#507 Pearl Shad

#508 Bass

#510 Pearl White

#513 Blue Shad

#521 Ayu

#522 Wakasagi

#539 Hitch

Motor Oil Red


#536 Camo

#542 Tilapia

Fire Tail Black



Chartreuse Black

Fire Chartruese Black


#543 Gold Fish

#544 Blue Back Herring

#547 Sweet Tooth

#551 Golden Shiner

#552 Silver Shad

Chartruese Shad


#554 Hot Belly Bass

Sexy Shad


#556 Table Rock Shad

#557 Ghost Shad

#558 Goby

#559 Jackson Trout