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Fly Hook Reps

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Fly Hook

Gamakatsu has been making premium quality hooks since 1955. Every hook is made using Gamakatsu’s own high quality, high carbon steel and is meticulously cra ed to the highest of standards. Unlike other hook manufacturers, Gamakatsu hooks are made in their own facility which is one of the most technologically advanced in the world and their consistency is unmatched. What you’ll find in this catalog are 40 styles of super sharp, super strong y hooks made for the serious y tyer and fly angler who will settle for nothing but the best. While an investment in a good y rod, y reel, y line and the knowledge on how to properly use them can enhance the fly fishing experience, the hook is the one piece of equipment at the end of it all that has to hang on to the object of pursuit. Don’t settle for anything less than Gamakatsu quality.

e Executive Series Executive Series fly hooks offers some very unique designs like the R10B Retainer Bend and the C13U Keel Balance. Hooks like the S10 series of hooks have beak points that allow for effortless penetration, especially with light tippets and a slightly wider gap. They also have a shank length just a little longer than standard dry fly hooks. While the R10B and C13U are matte black, the B10S Stinger hooks and the rest of the Executive series have a beautiful NS Black finish that not only looks good, but is also very corrosion resistant. There’s no other hook series like it.

Traditional Series The Traditional Series hooks are mostly all bronze finished, have needle points, and are designed to match up in style and size with other popular hook brands. e key difference being the quality of the steel used in them and the sharpness of the hook. e Traditional Series hooks also feature the traditional Salmon/Steelhead tapered loop up eye hooks, but in non-traditional finishes like Blue, Red, and Green in addition to the traditional NS Black finish. The styles all match, but the quality is unmatched.

Saltwater Series By far and away the finest selection of Saltwater fly hooks available. 9 styles featuring our most popular SC15 and other hooks ranging in sizes from 18 to 10/0. The SC15 is used for many different patterns but is also a great hook for tube flies and the SP11-3L3H makes a great popper hook. There’s a hook style for every saltwater application imaginable. Every Saltwater Series fly hook is made from the highest quality high carbon steel and has a durable tin plating or NS black finish for corrosion resistance. Because of the steel used, even the 3x strong hooks are surprisingly light for their size and their strength is unparalleled. ese hooks will hold a point much better than stainless steel hooks and are sticky sharp right out of the bag. No sharpening is ever needed before fishing with a Gamakatsu hook and because they’re not stainless, they will eventually corrode out of a fish’s mouth if the hook is taken deep and cannot be removed. From the flats to blue water, there’s no hook selection better than this.

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